As Open Journal Systems (OJS) service provider we at CyberDairy offers services related to OJS, such as installation, customization, training, and support. Our experts help journals or organizations that do not have the in-house expertise or resources to manage their own OJS installation.

We offer a range of OJS services, including:

  1. Installation and setup: We can assist with installing and configuring OJS on a web server, and setting up the journal’s workflow and features.
  2. Customization: We can help customize OJS to meet the specific needs of a journal or organization, including modifying the look and feel, workflow, and features of the software.
  3. Training: We can provide training on how to use and manage OJS, including courses and workshops for editors, reviewers, and authors.
  4. Support: We can offer technical support and assistance with troubleshooting issues or problems with OJS.

We have a reputable and experienced team for all OJS services, that ensures you to get high-quality services and support.

We are a global leader in OJS publishing solutions. We have a large network of innovation & delivery centers all across the globe. We provide publishing technology solutions as well as expertise to facilitate the creation and launch of Scholarly Publishing. Since our beginning, we are assisting academic professionals, research institutions, as well as universities to establish online journals using the OJS software.

We offer different types of journal-hosting solutions, guidance, as well as to scientist, researchers, and academic communities. We also provide complete skills and knowledge about OJs as well as its implementations.

We have the complete and effective knowledge about the journal-hosting platform. Our Products and Services include OJS managed hosting and installations, theme, workflow and much more. We also have expertise about plugin customization, basic support, software upgrade, etc. Our solutions help companies drive wide, cross-functional improvements within publishing operations. Our end-to-end solutions emphasize on security, monitoring as well as OJS installation.

You can rely on our robust, responsive and versatile training modules, programming, productive editorial services, and more. Our services allow you to achieve operational excellence as per your publishing objectives. We aim to improve your overall operational, optimize cost and enhance publishing efficiency in a seamless way.

So, are you ready to create exponential value in academic publishing and drive excellence?