OJS Theme Customization goes beyond the imagination of people. We provide you with a custom look that identifies your unique brand. We provide you with a custom facelift for your OJS site. We make sure that the themes are clean, clear, flexible, as well as visually stunning to make sure your journal gets noticed!

We have years of experience and expertise in crafting OJS themes, customizing OJS workflow, as well as creating OJS plug-ins for our clients. We can create a perfect ensemble of design and functionality for OJS. From enterprise publishers to colleges as well as universities, you will be able to leverage our technical expertise. We are known for offering flawless customization services so you can focus on creating quality open access publishing to achieve your objectives.

We can customize any OJS feature, but there are three major categories of customization:

  • THEMES: The look
  • WORKFLOW: The productivity
  • PLUG-INS: The features

Open Journal Systems (OJS) can be customized to meet the specific needs of a journal or organization. Some common areas of customization include:

  1. Look and feel: OJS allows you to customize the appearance of your journal, including the layout, color scheme, and branding. This can be done through the management interface or by modifying the theme files.
  2. Workflow: OJS provides a range of tools for managing the submission, review, and publication process, and these tools can be customized to fit the specific needs of your journal. This can include adding or removing steps in the workflow, modifying the role of users (e.g. authors, reviewers, editors), or integrating with external systems (e.g. plagiarism detection).
  3. Features and functionality: OJS provides a range of features out-of-the-box, and these can be enabled or disabled as needed. You can also add custom features or functionality by writing plugins or modifying the core code.

To customize OJS, you will need to have experience with web development, as well as knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and OJS architecture. Alternatively, you can hire us as developer or a professional support service to help with customization.

Are you ready to disseminate your digital content? Contact us now to discuss your OJS requirements