Our OJS training emphasize on the main concepts you need to get started with using OJS for online publishing. We have the ability and expertise to teach you the basic and advanced essentials of using OJS from start to finish.

We make sure that you will have extensive knowledge to create as well as configure a new journal, understand the manuscript tracking system as well as editorial steps, create an issue, establish the submission process, etc. All of our OJS training has been designed from beginners.

Our step-by-step guide from setup and configurations are helpful for journal managers. Besides that, our products and services include managed hosting and installations, as well as plugin customization, software upgrade, basic support, etc.

OJS Training Modules –

  • OJS Site Management
  • OJS Journal Management
  • Setting Up a New Journal
  • Journal Roles (Journal Manager, Editor, Reviewer, etc.)
  • Creating Journal Policies
  • Customizing the Look and Feel of a Journal
  • Creating and Publishing a Journal Issue
  • The Submission Process
  • Managing the Peer-Review Process for Submissions
  • Managing the Copy Editing, Layout Editing, and Proofreading

We also make sure you understand how OJS run smoothly, effectively, as well as securely.