Our Company

CyberDairy Hosting is India’s fastest growing web hosting company that is dedicated in helping large, small and midsize businesses to reach their customers online. We are the industry’s leading provider of full-range of web solutions and services that enables us to become a one-stop shop for a company’s presence online. Our product suite includes Domain Registration, Web and Email Hosting, SSL Certificates and Website Design. Having created various unique and innovative packages, we provide the best of Web Hosting services.

Being in the web industry for years, we realized that customers were looking for more than just Web Hosting – they needed service! In any service industry, the most important and difficult task is to get the right person who can provide resolution to a problem quickly. We at CyberDairy Hosting, do just that. Our team of highly experienced and trained support staff is always available to resolve issues competitively and efficiently.

We are passionate about the hosting business. Our systems & processes are built exclusively for delivering highest standards of Hosting Services. Our team consists of Personal Account Managers and highly experienced and trained support staff. We provide our customers with the best web hosting services at competitive prices. We are dedicated to serve our customers through a combination of innovative products and fantastic support. We pride ourselves in our ability to think big and deliver the best.

It is a crucial decision to be made when you are trying to choose the best web hosting company for your website. The main factors that people usually consider are the space that they offer and the cost involved. As an expert, we know that there is yet another factor that is more critical than these two, which is server uptime. If your site is down most of the time, then space and affordability becomes secondary. We promise 99.9% uptime on our stable servers. We have a dedicated server team who takes care of the servers and any server related issues. They work round the clock to provide the best support when it comes to stability of network and also have a constant check on the hardware at regular intervals. Our team comprises of top rated engineers who are committed, dedicated and give their best for utmost customer satisfaction. The state-of-the-art servers at CyberDairy Hosting deliver quality and provide high levels of security of our clients’ information.

CyberDairy Hosting aspires to help customers maximize return on investment, with our highly effective suite of services driven by an efficient delivery model.